Joinery Services


Joinery might not be a service you often require; however, sometimes it is simply necessary to have your wooden doors, stairs, fitted furniture or window frames done. Your woodwork – frequently seen as one of the most functional decorative elements in your home – must be sturdy, tasteful and long-lasting.   

To this end, precision and quality of materials are key. A modern approach, flair, coordination skills, and understanding the role of joinery pieces in the overall design are also a plus. Your desired joiner and/or carpenter should embody all these skills in order to deliver a product that fits like a glove and enhances your living space.


Our Strengths

At MPM, we recognise the advantage of having all of your joinery work planned, led and executed by your main contractor. Employing a more global approach and detailed understanding of your design and timelines, we save your time and resources, and plan to schedule the woodwork delivery and assembly more efficiently. Plus, all furniture, frames, doors and stairs are made in the MPM workshop and to MPM quality and standards. 


    • Bespoke joinery
    • Timber windows
    • Restoration and renovation
    • Installation and assembly

Best Practices

To make sure your design is executed to the required standard, select your contractor carefully – check their references and examples of previous work; ensure that they work on high quality materials and equipment; check their qualification and professional credentials; ask if they deliver aftercare. 

Although it might not seem like the most desirable option at the time of your refurbishment, spending a little extra on high quality materials is a long-term investment. Joinery is not something you will have to have done often, so ask for samples, consult the expert, and select the option which will last and serve its purpose for many years to come. 

Sometimes things don’t always go to plan or don’t meet your standards. You need to be clear who is liable for dealing with any potential snagging. It is also worth consulting your joiner on user manual and care instructions, especially in the case of more extraordinary or uncommon materials or pieces.

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