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Renovation has purpose. Renovators have responsibilities. For every homeowner wanting to improve the quality of their living space, every landlord striving to uphold their property standards, and every investor wishing to increase their equity, there is a contractor, planning to make it all work. From intent, budgeting, and procurement to contracts, safety, standards and quality – your refurbishment project requires expertise, skills and experience. In the process, your main contractor becomes your best source of support, so choose wisely.

At MPM we understand the responsibilities and qualities of a reliable contractor. Availability, honesty and flexibility in our approach to project work and customer service has taken us this far. Hiring our team means partnering up with a team of builders, painters, plumbers and electricians, who – led by a project manager – will complete the planned work and help you realise your property’s potential.


Our Strengths

We look at each project holistically and individually and employ a strong understanding of personal tastes and intricacies. We listen and respond to changing circumstances, timelines and requirements while staying focused and on track to complete the work you entrust in us. We work for you, but also with you – enjoy and take pride in projects well executed and delivered to plan and on budget.


    • Full refurbishment
    • High-end interiors
    • Kitchens
    • Bathrooms
    • House extensions
    • Plumbing and heating
    • Electrics
    • Decorating
    • Home automation

Best Practices

The decision about the goal and the intent of your renovation is key, before you carry on planning in more detail. Do you simply want to remodel your living space, extend it, or perhaps raise the property resale value? Having a specific aim will help you invest wisely in your project.

Working out what financial resources will be needed for your renovation project is never easy. Nonetheless, it is essential to have a budget and a contingency found in order to complete works to plan and on schedule. Doing your research and requesting an estimate from a professional might save you a lot of hassle.

Building permits are necessary part of the remodelling process – they ensure your refurbished home meets structural and fire safety requirements. Obtaining a permit can be an administrational nightmare. Luckily, some contractors take this burden off your back and leave you to focus on more enjoyable aspects of your home transformation.

Depending on the extent of your refurbishment, you might have periods with no water or electricity or simply times when it is not safe to be in the house. It is best to coordinate this with your contractor and make hotel reservations or plan to stay with relatives during those periods.

A good refurbishing team is a must – someone who you communicate well with and who delivers good quality work to plan. It is best if they come recommended and you can see examples of their work. Going for the cheapest option does not pay off and can cause many problems down the line. Look for professionalism, honesty and quality and good references. 

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